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Veronica Alviso

Veronica Alviso
Veronica Alviso is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted career. Currently, she serves as the Owner and Office Manager at Bering See Vision, where she combines her organizational skills and business acumen. In addition to her role in the business world, Veronica is deeply passionate about youth development and sports. She is the Head Volleyball Coach for Nome Beltz High School, a position that allows her to instill essential life skills in young athletes. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Veronica's educational background complements her commitment to helping youth reach their full potential.
Veronica's journey in Nome, Alaska, began in 2012, marking a significant chapter in her life. She initially worked as the Residential Child Care Administrator of Nome Children's Home, contributing to a nurturing environment for children in need. Her dedication extends beyond this role, as she actively engages in the community. Veronica is a valuable member of the Nome Chamber of Commerce Board and serves as Nome's representative for the Alaska Early Childhood Network. As the leader of the Norton Sound Early Childhood Coalition, she continues to champion early childhood development. Additionally, Veronica holds the position of Vice President of the Nome Community Center Board, further demonstrating her commitment to community service.
Outside of her professional commitments, Veronica enjoys a well-rounded life. She finds solace in the pages of books, explores new destinations through travel, and appreciates diverse cuisines. Her most cherished moments, however, are those spent with her husband, daughter, and beloved dog.
Guided by her belief in the untapped potential of youth, Veronica brings her passion and dedication to the volleyball court and her work with young individuals. Her vision for the future involves continued service to her community and an unwavering commitment to empowering the next generation. Veronica's rich cultural background, spanning from her Mexican roots to her Texan upbringing and her eventual journey to Nome, enriches her experiences and interactions with others.